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Kirsch & Baum

1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood 12" x 20"

1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood 12" x 20"

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Baltic Birch Plywood is a remarkable departure from the conventional plywood you're accustomed to. Originating from the Baltic region of northeastern Europe, this plywood is meticulously crafted using solid, one-piece Birch veneer for each ply. It uses a cross-banded design, where the grain direction alternates, combined with robust interior-grade adhesive. This meticulous manufacturing process results in plywood that not only boasts an attractive appearance but also offers exceptional stability and strength.

Our Baltic Birch Plywood stands out as top grade, free from voids or glue pockets, ensuring the highest quality and consistency in your projects. What's more, it adheres to strict environmental standards by being formaldehyde-free, making it not only an excellent choice for craftsmanship but also a sustainable one for the planet.

Thickness 1/8"
Length 20"
Ply Layers
Material Baltic Birch
Grade B/BB


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